How IVAN works

Report environmental problems in less than 5 minutes. IVAN is a community-based environmental reporting site that connects residents of Tulare County with the proper agencies that can help solve local environmental problems. Whether you are at home, work or play, IVAN is available to you and your community to report, document and resolve environmental problems.

How IVAN Air Monitoring works

What to do

  • 1) Find the monitor closest to you. You can do this by searching the map or finding a monitor in your city using the list. Clicking on the monitor will show you more data and information.
  • 2) View the current air quality. The community air-quality level (CAL) tells you the how risky the air is for your health and provides recommendations about reducing exposure. We also recommend looking at government air monitoring data to get a more complete picture of air quality.
  • 3) Take action as needed to protect your health. Both IVAN Air Monitoring and government sites provide health recommendations for when air quality is poor, such as reducing physical activity outdoors. When comparing data from these two sources, you should always follow the most protective health recommendations
  • 4) Sign up for air alerts on IVAN Air Monitoring and on government sites. Stay informed and protect your health by receiving alerts to let you know when air quality is unhealthy near you.


Tulare-IVAN Online is managed and supported by the Central California Environmental Justice Network (CCEJN). CCEJN is not an enforcement agency, but is an environmental justice organization trying to improve environmental regulation process in disadvantaged communities.

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